On Wednesday, 21st September 2016 the 1st SAFURE review meeting took place. The good collaboration within the consortium and the good progress towards objectives were rewarded with the acceptance of all Deliverables.

As the first 18 months of the SAFURE project already passed, the consortium travelled to Brussels to present the project results so far to the European Commission and the external experts.

On Tuesday, 20th September 2016 SAFURE partners met to prepare for the meeting and align the presentations. On the day after the first official review meeting took place and the following achievements within the 1st project period were reported:

☑ made excellent progress towards technical objectives
☑ fruitful cooperation between the project partners
☑ successfully submitted 14 Deliverables
☑ represented SAFURE at well-known occasions like DAC, DATE, ETFA etc.
☑ published 16 high-quality scientific papers
☑ established a project website including social media

Additionally, partners already showed 5 proofs of their work with preliminary demonstrators. The project officer as well as the reviewers were impressed by the results shown and accepted all submitted Deliverables.

We are thankful for the valuable feedback they gave and will include it into the project work for the continuous project work. If you are interested in reading more about the technical results within SAFURE, have a look at our published Deliverabels here.